My new blog

This is the first post on my new blog. I decided to stop using blogspot (here is a link to my previous blog) for a few reasons:

  • Blogspot does not allow to write the posts in a markup language like markdown or reStructuredText. Instead you have to use either the "user friendly" interface that seems to never render things the way you want to, or directly type the post in html.

  • Blogspot has no support for showing code. I guess most bloggers don't really need that, but I do. Until now I used highlight.js that did the job quite well, but forced me to remember to use the proper html tags in my posts. Not an optimal solution.

  • I want to keep a local copy of my blog on my computer, and a backup on a server using a version control system.

  • Finally, I wanted to write my own blog engine, for the fun of it.

The code of this blog is very minimalist. I wrote the whole thing in 400 lines of python, using webpy, jinja2, and bootstrap. If some people show interest to get the source code I will happily release it under a free licence.

For the curious, here is the original markdown source of this page.

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